Giana Terranova Photography is looking to add a new member to the team for the WEF Season in 2020. We are a very dedicated, involved, and creative business focused on offering a special client experience during our time in Wellington. Working for GTP gives you an opportunity to live in Wellington during the season, learn, and grow as a photographer yourself. We are looking for photographers who are dedicated, experienced in the discipline, and who love doing their job.


  • Must be over 16 and be able to drive and have their own car.

  • Must be responsible, able to time manage and follow direction. The schedule will vary every week and day depending on client schedules. You will have days off and are more than welcome to book your own shoots and clients as long as it doesn’t conflict. GTP hours must be a priority always.

  • Have a complete understanding of camera equipment, lighting, and settings.

  • Be creative, willing to try new things, and open to learning. GTP values the style of our images and applicants need to follow the general guidelines of images we take, offer, and emulate.

  • Professional equipment can be provided if you don’t have equal level body and lens.

  • Must provide a recently updated portfolio of hunter/jumper images.

  • Living arrangements are arranged and included.

  • Position is paid. Information will be supplied when you apply.

  • Must be available for at least one month, either February or March (or both)

Please fill out the application below if you meet these requirements.

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