Giana Terranova Photography offers several different kind of services, with multiple packages to fit your needs. Horse and rider sessions are equestrian styled photoshoots that capture the relationship between us and our equine partners. Great for graduating seniors! Black backgrounds are stylistic and contrasted images of your beautiful equine against a stark black background with the goal to encompass their personality and beauty in images that last a lifetime. Canine portraits are now additional services proudly being offered!


Horse & Rider

A horse and rider session is a styled photoshoot with the equestrian in mind. Combining photographic style with horse knowledge, Giana Terranova Photography creates images of you and your equine partner that will last a life time. No matter your age, discipline, or location our love for horses is the motivation behind each session. These sessions are perfect for graduating seniors, family photos, or just to celebrate your four-legged friend. Tailored to you and your equine partner, whether in a fairytale dress or classic riding attire, I hope to capture the bond that defines us as equestrian.

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Giana Terranova Photography’s most popular feature is the black background portrait. These artistic sessions emulate a studio situation to encompass your horse's personality to create images that last a life time. Set up is painless and flexible, only requiring a barn aisle or indoor arena so the horse is comfortable in their home environment. Usually shot in a bridle, these creative sessions provide several poses for each horse that are great for sale ads as well as house decor as they look absolutely stunning on wrapped canvas.



The only thing we love more than horses are our dogs. These four legged family members hold a special place in our heart from the moment they enter our lives. These dog portrait sessions are a fun, interactive experiences meant to capture your dog’s personality above all else. Every dogs has their own character traits and idiosyncrasies that make us love them in the first place, and my goal is to portray that through my work. That means embodying your dog at their best, whether calm or energetic in backdrops that make them shine. Whether a puppy or old soul, having timeless images of your dog mean a lot to people, which was why I decided to include them.