As an equestrian myself, I've always recognized the beauty of any horse I've ever met. These timeless sessions are done with your specific horse in mind, capturing their personalities and beauty being the ultimate goal. Each session includes multiple poses, head shots to full bodies, with varying angles that focus on showing off your horse's best features. I use entirely natural light, so no extra equipment or backdrop needed, most of the magic happens through my extensive editing process! Each image is hand-edited with extreme detail, making each shot extremely personalized with my own artistic style. Horses and ponies of all breeds, ages, and disciplines look absolutely stunning!




Each sessions includes multiple poses, from head shots to full bodies. You will receive multiple digital files for social media use, completely edited in a personalized online gallery. Prints can be purchased after the images have been recieved! 




As much as we are in the digital age, there's something timeless about prints that can never be replaced. These black background portraits act as a perfect fine art decor for your home or office, adding the just right amount of wall artwork to any space. Although these finished images look great on any surface, I always recommend the classic matte look of wrapped canvas, which stands off the wall and doesn't require any framing. I offer three standard canvas sizes but if there is a specific dimension please inquire for a quote. 


04. frequently asked questions: 

All sessions offered by Giana Terranova Photography are laid back, worry-free experiences. The amount of preparation is completely up to you, but there are several suggestions because the equine portraits are very highly detailed. I'd suggest you do whatever show preparation that you might do for a competition, for example: clipped, clean, make up, and clean bridle. Clipped ears and muzzle are not entirely necessary, but very highly suggested as they show up very obviously against the black backgrounds. Horses are also not required to be braided, but I really recommend it if you have the means!
As for set up, it's done very simply in a barn aisle or covered arena if necessary. I'd advise a clean area, lights off or barn doors closed if available but not necessary. The floor will be in the shot, so a clean and swept area is recommended. An assistant is extremely helpful if available as well. I suggest to use the bridle that the horse usually goes in, with a metal snaffle being the best -- but figure 8's and other jumper, dressage, and western bits are welcome. Before the session starts, have the reins removed and a lead rope attached to the bit, which will be edited out, just used for keeping control while easily switching sides! Remember to bring your horse's favorite treats as well!
I encourage you share images with your friends! Credit is preferred but not required. If you'd like to credit, tag Giana Terranova Photography on Facebook or @gianaterranova_photography on instagram.
There are several options to choose from. Payment by check or credit card is preferred and payment is required immediately following the end of the session. I use square for credit card payments, which is a safe and secured payment company with receipts. 
A lot of work goes into these portraits to make them look absolutely perfect, and that includes touch-ups. Don't be worried about scratches, scars, fungus or other blemishes, and if you are feel free to ask and I will remove them free of charge. 
However, this will not completely clean a dirty horse, and the cleanest as possible the better the image! I cannot de-hair a furry coat, so being clipped to get that sleek coat is always recommended. Keeping in mind, as well, that the more editing the longer it will take to receive the images, but I want you to be absolutely happy with every image you receive!
Every session will have a set number of poses for each horse, but if you have something specific in mind that you'd really like please let me know! If you have more than one horse, I will also edit them together for a few shots as well for an extra fee. Despite contrary belief the group images are taken separately and edited together, so don't worry if you're horses don't get along or there isn't enough space to fit them.  I do my best to create believable compositions afterwards!
Digitals are included in every session package. They are considered proofs and will be sent with my logo on  them for social media use only.  You will receive your images, usually through email, with a link to a personalized online gallery from which you can download the files straight to your computer. Completion of images depends on the type of session, but feel free to inquire. 
Of course! I work in tangent with several printing companies to offer you physical prints in multiple sizes with various types. Purchases can be made directly in your Pixieset gallery you will receive with your images, where the entire store of all the products are available to browse. There are plenty of options and prices available, so inquire for your exact options. Select the button bellow to head to my product page for detailed pricing.  
It is not necessary to pay for prints or canvas immediately after the session, you can take your time to decide what images you'd like printed. If a canvas order is placed within two weeks, you will receive the 20% canvas credit for the discount.
If there are other options that you want to explore, such as albums or wall art, feel free to inquire. I'm extremely flexible with any creative ideas you might have.