My name is Giana Terranova, and Iā€™m a traveling equestrian photographer based out of many locations throughout the United States. I aim to represent the beauty and grace of our equine partners through portraiture, as well as capturing the bond between horse and rider. As an equestrian myself, I've always held horses in a very special part of my heart, combining my equine knowledge and the art of photography to create lasting imagery and memories. 

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Giana Terranova Photography offers several different kind of services, with multiple packages to fit your needs. Horse and rider sessions are equestrian-styled photoshoots that capture the relationship between you and your equine partner. Great for graduating seniors and lasting memories! Black backgrounds are stylistic images of your beautiful equine against a stark black background with the goal to encompass their personality and beauty in images that last a lifetime. Canine portraits are a way to celebrate our other four-legged best friends, showing off their unique personalities. Giana Terranova Photography also offers freelance work for publications and businesses for horse shows.




Photo by Smetona Photo

 Hey there! My name is Giana Terranova, a 24 year old photographer and horse enthusiast from Southern California. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2016 with an Equestrian Studies Degree, working in the horse industry as a rider and groom before I took the plunge into becoming a full-time photographer. My real passion is capturing the passion between horse and rider in every photograph, whether it be in riding shots or creative portrait session. I've been an equestrian my entire life, so photographing riders and their horses is part of what makes this job so much fun.

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