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Here are the black background equine portraits (and some dogs!) from my two consecutive weeks in Ocala, FL! As always with going to a new place, it was super interesting and everyone was very welcoming. Most sessions took place at the show grounds (HITS Ocala), but thank you to the people that invited me out to their properties as well! While WEF may have all the grandness and glory, I actually preferred driving around the huge acre-filled properties and the more country-feel that Ocala had. Thanks everyone at the show grounds for being so patient, both with my schedule and your ever-changing show schedules! Between rushing back and forth to barns and fitting horses in squished and cramped aisle ways (without an assistant!) it was quite a trip, but everyone was super helpful and the horses were VERY well behaved! I wasn't planning on coming back up to Ocala during this years circuit (due to lack of time and school!) but there has been so much interest that I may try to squeeze on more weekend up there before everyone is gone, so stay tuned! Thanks again!