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I had quite an amazing year, with my business expanding larger than it ever has before! Thank you so much to my lovely clients and their beautiful horses for filling my year with amazing sessions and photo trips, not to mention some great photographs. Working with all of you really is what makes this job so much fun, and to be able to turn around and send these images out has been an amazing thing for me to call a 'job.' Whether you were strangers or good friends, everyone has been amazing, respectful, and beyond hospitable no matter where I go. Expanding my trips to places like Aiken, Atlanta, Santa Barbara and Scottsdale I've met some pretty amazing people, and whether you booked a horse and rider session or a black background I left each property with a smile on my face! I hope everyone has a great year; here's to 2016! To commemorate here's a look back at some of the sessions from 2015.