I think this session is probably hands down one of my favorites to DATE. The location was perfect,  Waccamaw or "Raj" was seriously the easiest horse to work with in the history of ever, standing there with his perfect expression and ears forward for pretty much the entire session, without much encouragement ever I must add! Joanmarie looked stunning in her classic show attire and the green jacket matched his color spot on! There's just something about the cohesive look of braids and show attire that creates a perfect, classy look, paired with the beautiful sunset light at the Palm Beach Equine Complex -- all a perfect combination to create some images that are quite easily my favorite.  A session that usually takes an hour went by super fast, I got all my shots extremely quickly due to Raj being the best model EVER. It was awesome to meet up with some people from Swamp Fox Farms as well, the barn that I rode and worked for while I was attending college at SCAD in Savannah, GA. 

And thanks to Ariane Samson (of Ariane Samson Photographe) for accompanying me for the day and helping with this particular shoot. This extremely talented photographer from Quebec joined me for two days in Wellington during my February trip and was a serious help with the horses and clients to make my day go so much easier. We had an awesome time attending Friday Night Lights and showing her around Wellington and the farms at Grand Prix Village as it was her first time ever in Wellington! Go check out her beautiful work here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ASamsonPhotographe

Giana Terranova