01. representing a brand

Giana Terranova Photography is searching for Ambassadors that exemplify the hardest working, passionate, and horse-loving equestrians in the industry. These individuals will represent my brand with horsemanship, positive attitudes and the upmost respect for our four-legged partners. It's more than just an exchange of goods and time, with someone who truly loves my work and my message and would love to be a part of it.  Become an Ambassador for 2018 today by applying bellow. 


02. Requirements

Giana Terranova Photography  2018 Ambassadors will receive free portrait sessions of any type if selected. If you match the following requirements, please apply! Only a select few will be chosen based on how well you meet the requirements and the needs for this current year. 

  • Must be a Junior or Pro (Amateurs can be sponsored) 
  • Can be any age to apply, aiming for 15+ who are responsible
  • Must be in the Hunter/Jumper discipline at this time
  • Can compete in any division or ring
  • Must compete regularly, preferably on the East Coast Circuit and at WEF
  • Must use social media regularly, whether it be Facebook and/or Instagram
  • Must be willing to reblog, share, and promote the business when applicable. 
  • Cannot be sponsored or representing any other Photography and/or Video Company
  • Must treat the sport, their fellow equestrians, and horses with the upmost respect and professionalism. Any representation that strays from these values with caused the Ambassador-ship to be automatically terminated. 


Fill out the form bellow to apply. 

Name *
Are you a Junior or Pro? *
No amateurs can apply via USEF rules.
If none, specify (catch rider, searching, etc)
Please include if you do hunters, jumpers, equitation (or all of above!)
Will you treat the sport, their fellow equestrians, and horses with the upmost respect and professionalism. *
This is the most important deciding factor! Tell me about yourself, your showing career, your horses, etc. Be honest and candid -- and be yourself!